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Are you prepared for injuries while fishing?

We've talked about boating accidents -- those that involve a collision between water vessels or between a boat and something in or near the water -- before. Individuals in boats can experience other types of injuries, though, especially when spending time fishing. Though fishing injuries are part of the process -- and every long-time fisherman has dealt with a hook to the thumb -- they can also develop into serious issues.

Hooking yourself or being hooked with someone else's hook is one of the most common fishing injuries. Hook injuries range from mild scrapes to full-on impalement that might need medical attention. Particularly scary is the rarer case of having a hook puncture your eye, which can cause serious injury and blindness. Wearing safety glasses or even sunglasses can help prevent such an injury.

Hooks aren't the only sharp thing in the fishing waters. Fish themselves can cause injuries. Some fish will bite, particularly if you've hauled them up from the water. Other fish sting and some large salt-water fish can bite off large portions of your arm or leg or spear you with fins or sword-like noses.

Hooks and fins aside, fishing comes with other dangers. Docks can be slippery, and boats collisions can be deadly. Paying attention to your surroundings, not drinking while on the water and taking care when casting are just some things you can do to avoid injuries to yourself or others. If you experience a fishing injury that was caused by someone else's negligence, then you might have a case for compensation of medical bills and other related expenses.

Source: Wide Open Spaces, "Ouch! 7 Common Fishing Injuries," accessed April 28, 2016

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