Dangerous Road Conditions

Ranging from inclement weather to poorly maintained roads, there are plenty of dangers facing motorists throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. While some measure of risk is acceptable, neglect on the part of those responsible for caring for the roadways throughout the state is not.

With years of experience helping individuals and families who have suffered injuries in auto crashes caused by dangerous road conditions, we at Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo, understand the frustration that follows an accident. From dealing with the insurance company, recovering in a hospital bed to trying to make sense of the accident, it can be an incredibly daunting experience.

Responsibility And Caring For Your Local Roads

The circumstances surrounding each accident case vary greatly. As your lawyers, we will take the time to investigate your case, gather all the evidence and construct a factual narrative of what led to your accident. By tirelessly preparing, we can better protect your interests and pursue just compensation.

Some of the most common causes of dangerous roads include the following:

  • Construction work and inadequately marked work zones
  • Improperly placed road signs
  • Flaws in the design of a roadway
  • Other features of roadways that may be poorly constructed or designed and a risk to motorists

Whether your car accident was caused by an engineering flaw or other factors, we have the skill, knowledge and resources to identify the cause and pursue the financial compensation you require. Furthermore, your choice to pursue a case may help to prevent future accidents and protect others.