Hit By A Car While Walking

No Match For A Car

Pedestrians are in a vulnerable position when cars and trucks are passing them on the road. When drivers do not watch out for pedestrians and hit or run over them, it often results in catastrophic and fatal injuries. Every year, many people who are on foot in Pennsylvania are injured or killed by cars and trucks, many operated by negligent or careless drivers.

We Know What You're Up Against

At Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo, we understand how pedestrian accidents happen and the devastating harm that these crashes cause. Pedestrian crashes can cause injuries that require extensive medical treatment and keep people from returning to work while they recover.

If you have been injured in a serious pedestrian crash in Pennsylvania, contact us and schedule a free initial consultation to talk about your rights.

How Pedestrian Accidents Happen

The primary cause of serious car crashes involving pedestrians is negligence. Often, this negligence is the result of a distraction such as a cellphone that keeps the attention of drivers off the road. A driver may also:

  • Fail to stop at a crosswalk
  • Speed
  • Disobey traffic lights and stop signs
  • Fail to look before turning right
  • Cross over into the shoulder or a walking path
  • Fail to yield right of way to pedestrians

Negligent drivers need to be held responsible for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to pedestrian crashes. An experienced lawyer can help you pursue your claim.

Talk With Our Lawyers After Being Injured In A Pedestrian Accident

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