Helping Victims Of Rear-End Collisions Find Justice

Hit From Behind

One of the most common and dangerous types of car accidents is the rear-end collision. In fact, they occur every day on Pennsylvania roads, with injuries ranging from minor cuts and scrapes to severe head injuries and broken bones. Unfortunately, establishing liability and pursuing fair compensation after a rear-end collision can be more difficult than many people realize, which is why you need a dedicated law firm by your side ― you need the attorneys at Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo.

Don't Let Insurance Companies Minimize Your Claim

Despite the basic assumption that rear-end collisions are the fault of the driver who failed to stop in time, insurance companies still aggressively defend these cases. In fact, they are often more concerned about their bottom line than your injuries and will try to get you to quickly accept a settlement that may not cover all of your damages. In some cases, the insurance adjuster may describe the crash as a low-impact collision, which might minimize the seriousness of your injuries and damages.

Fighting the insurance companies by yourself can be an uphill battle. Let our lawyers help give you an advantage. No matter where you live in the Lehigh Valley, we have convenient locations near you, including offices in Bethlehem and Whitehall.

What Injuries Are Common In Rear-End Collisions?

While rear-end collisions can result in a wide range of serious injuries, the most common include neck and back injuries — not surprising, since victims are unexpectedly thrust forward when they are rear-ended. This same motion can also result in traumatic brain injuries, severe lacerations and broken bones. Also, since many motorists brace themselves with their legs, ankle and knee injuries are common as well.

Sadly, some motorists wrongly believe their neck and back pain will get better with time, even if they don't seek medical treatment. This is a huge mistake. Not only will the pain last longer than necessary, but it may get worse. It is important to seek medical treatment right away no matter how minor you think your injuries may be.

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