When Recreational Activities Go Wrong

Whether you were injured on a golf course or at an amusement park, our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys are available to evaluate your case. Contact us if you have suffered a broken bone, head injury or another injury as a result of a(n):

  • Boating accident: Was the boat operator inebriated or inattentive? Was a docking outfit responsible in any way?
  • Personal watercraft accident: You may have been riding or struck by someone on a Jet Ski.
  • Swimming and diving accident: Was it a drowning, near-drowning, diving accident, slip-and-fall beside a pool or an accident involving a swimming pool drain?
  • Cruise ship accident: Whether you are from Pennsylvania and were injured elsewhere or are from somewhere else and were injured on a cruise ship booked by a travel agency in Pennsylvania, we can evaluate your case and offer advice on how to pursue compensation.
  • Amusement park accident: Was it the latest, most daring ride? Or was it a more ordinary accident such as a slip-and-fall at an amusement park?
  • Motocross or dirt bike accident: A manufacturer, supervisor, rental company or property owner may have been liable.
  • Bicycle accident: Contact us if you or your child was injured by a car or motorcycle or because of an unsafe surface condition while bicycling.
  • ATV accident: Whether you believe there was a liable party or not, please consult with a knowledgeable attorney to learn how to protect your rights.
  • Snowmobile accident: Our law firm represents people injured in all types of winter recreational accidents, including skiing, snowboarding, sledding and tubing accidents.
  • Golf course accidents: Golf cart accidents are fairly common in our area.
  • Recreational vehicle (RV) accident: We welcome inquiries from out-of-state travelers as well as Pennsylvania residents.

During our free initial consultations, we learn about our clients' accidents, injuries and other losses. We educate them about their rights and help them understand the importance of working with a lawyer after a serious accidental injury. We explain what it means that we work on a contingency basis: Namely, our clients do not owe us attorney fees until we recover compensation for them.

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation With One Of Our Attorneys

Recovering from a recreational accident is no picnic; it requires resources, time to heal and support from others. Our law firm is proud to lend its support to injured clients and their families. Contact us today through this website or by calling 610-295-5321 local or 888-854-6895 toll free. Speak with an experienced boating accident or ATV accident lawyer in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and learn about your rights.