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Team sports are a rallying force in our culture. From Little League and YMCA basketball for young children to competitive high school and collegiate sports, to adult intramural community teams to professional sports and Olympics-only teams, team sports are highly visible in nearly every community and for nearly all ages of participants.

Whether professional, school-sponsored or amateur, members of baseball, football, basketball and hockey teams throughout Pennsylvania are sources of entertainment and socialization — and sometimes hazards, including serious injuries. Knee injuries, muscle strains, torn tendons and ligaments, head injuries and the occasional spinal cord injury are all common in team sports. Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo can evaluate your case and make recommendations on how to pursue compensation after a team sports injury such as a:

When we look into what happened after a client has been injured playing a team sport, we often find that the ultimate cause of lasting harm was the failure to recognize, diagnose or treat sports injuries. Team sponsors, coaches, team medics and health caregivers away from the stadium, field or arena essentially exacerbate injuries through neglect and failure to take proper safety precautions.

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