A Blow To The Head

Full-Contact Sports Can Cause Serious Injury

Football, hockey and other contact sports often put players at risk of head injuries. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is often recognized in athletic situations, but milder head injuries such as concussions are often ignored by athletic directors and other responsible parties. Ignoring concussions — especially repeat concussions — puts players' long-term health and welfare at risk.

Returned To The Game Too Soon

Was your child — or were you — urged to return to the playing field after suffering a concussion during a contact team sport of any kind? Researchers have released studies that show the magnifying effects of subsequent concussions on sufferers' well-being.

Research studies have recently uncovered evidence of the long-term effects of concussions in sports injury settings on those who have suffered them and then apparently recovered. Coaches and even parents are often eager to see an injured young player re-enter the game after a concussion. But, experts in sports injuries now tell us that repeat concussions have exponential negative effects on young athletes.

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