Heat-Related Injuries

Heat Can Be Dangerous Or Even Fatal For Athletes

Nearly all team sports have leaders who are responsible for protecting the welfare of players as well as building winning teams. Athletic directors, coaches, trainers and team first-aid providers all owe a duty of care to team members. It is their responsibility to recognize when a player is at risk of injury or harm such as:

  • Heatstroke
  • Stress injury
  • Dehydration

Elements Of Heat Injury

Summer heat and humidity or long playing sessions can trigger illnesses and injuries. In some cases, football players and other athletes have died as a result of maladies such as these. Players themselves are often driven to keep performing and do not have the necessary objectivity to insist on the need to take a rest in time. However, trainers who fail to recognize impending heatstroke, stress injury or dehydration do their team members a tremendous disservice when they do not take action in time to prevent serious harm.

The Cost Of Heat Illness

Were you or was your son or daughter hospitalized after team captains failed to hydrate team members during a long practice on a hot summer day? Did a team's first-aid provider neglect to insist that you or your loved one get proper treatment after the onset of a heat- or exhaustion-related injury such as heatstroke or excessive dehydration? Our lawyers can help evaluate your case and determine whether you have an opportunity to collect compensation to cover your:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

Contact Us After A Hospitalization Related To Heat Or Exhaustion

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