When Leaders Fail To Protect Athletes

A Trust Betrayed

When you play a team contact sport, whether it is in high school or an amateur league or professionally, you place a great amount of trust in your team's leaders. Coaches, directors, teachers, doctors and other officials associated with your team are supposed to balance their desire to win with your health and safety.

When they fail, what could have been a minor injury can turn extremely serious. At Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, our lawyers can help you determine if you or your child deserves compensation due to a failure in taking safety precautions and monitoring injuries.

Failure To Monitor Can Lead To Even Worse Injuries

In today's sporting world, there is too much information out there about what can happen if coaches, directors and team doctors ignore the obvious warning signs of injuries. It may also not just be sending a player immediately back into a game. It may be clearing a player to return for a later game when the injury is not fully healed.

Our lawyers can look at the evidence and determine where a breakdown occurred that led to situations such as:

  • Not providing water or fluids when a player exhibits signs of heatstroke or exhaustion
  • Failing to recognize stress fractures or muscle tears
  • Sending a player with a concussion back into a game
  • Not controlling an environment that leads to hazing and related injuries

Slight pulls or tears can turn much more serious, leading to the need for surgery or other limitations in everyday life. If this has happened to you or your child, you need to work with attorneys who understand these complicated situations.

Contact Attorneys Who Know How To Help

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