Common Issues With Work Injury Claims

Workers' compensation insurance can be complicated. When it is time to file a claim, it is often hard to know exactly what to do. Many claims are denied because employees do not understand the system or get frustrated with the process. Do not give up.

A lawyer with our Pennsylvania firm can help. We know how the workers' compensation process is managed and can assist you in resolving any number of issues or answering any questions including: How long do I have to treat with a company doctor? Do I have to return to work? What if the insurance doctor says I can work, but my doctor disagrees?

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Serving Injured Workers

Most often, those filing for workers' compensation will encounter one or more of the following obstacles to their claims:

  • Employer believes that the injury occurred outside the workplace — This is one way that many companies try to avoid paying workers' compensation. Even if your condition was pre-existing, we can help you prove that it was aggravated by an accident on the job.
  • Financial benefits were inaccurately calculated We find that the employer often fails to properly calculate the injured workers' earnings and wages. This can lead to an unfairly low wage loss payment.
  • The injury was inaccurately or partially described — This can result in a denial of medical bill payment or an inability to recover for that injury in the future. An insurer may terminate your benefits because the injuries you are being treated for were not included on your claim.

Sometimes, you are hurt so severely that you cannot return to work at your former employment. In this instance, our work injury claim attorneys can refer you to the office of vocational rehabilitation where you will be retrained for a new position. We will also evaluate your eligibility for Social Security Disability.

Resolve Your Workers' Comp Issue With An Injury Claim Disputes Attorney

Over the years, our firm has helped countless employees receive the workers' compensation benefits that they deserve. We take a straightforward approach to your case and help you develop the solutions you need to get your claim approved. As a local establishment, we are well-known for our honest counsel and compassionate advocacy.

When you visit any one of our three offices, you will be treated to a relaxed atmosphere and personal service. We work hard on your case and always leave our door open to respond to your concerns.

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