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Helmet Saves Womans Life

Many years ago when Cohen & Feeley first started community service related marketing we did a series of outdoor bill boards dealing with seatbelts, DUI related accidents and the importance of teaching children to use helmets when riding bikes or using skateboards. Recently, a Topton woman in a YouTube video claims that her helmet saved her life youtube. The young woman in the video was struck by a pickup truck while riding her bike. The testamentary looks to be sponsored by The Lehigh Valley Health Network who is the Valleys major health care provider. We congratulate them and stand behind the commitment to educate everyone about the risks of head injury associated with biking, skating and boarding. Interestingly, some of the comments following this video are absurd and reject all common sense. There is a certain mentality that runs against the grain of making life safer - I guess under the theory that any such suggestion might infringe on one's personal liberty. You know the one that says it's my right to become a quadriplegic. A rather selfish outlook since it's the rest of us who will be burdened with their care. Our current governor lobbied the motorcycle clubs and promised them he would revoke Pennsylvania's law requiring the use of a helmet while operating a motorcycle. True to his word, one of his first acts as governor was to have the law abolished. A helmet is no longer required. As a biker and motorcyclist of many years I would never consider riding my bike without a helmet. Yes, it does interfere with the feeling of freedom as the fresh air (and bugs) hit your face, but they save lives and reduce injury. As a practicing personal injury lawyer of nearly 30 years I have represented many motorcyclist and their families. I know first hand how seriously injured a person can become as a result of a biking accident. Oddly enough in most cases it is not the biker who is at fault. The best way to instill these ideas is through example to our children. Helmets do prevent injury and don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise. Dennis F. Feeley


As a parent, I am guilty of this double standard: Insisting that our two boys wear bicycle helmets while I ride without one. How many other adults do the same? There are lots of excuses for not wearing a helmet, but the reality is helmets reduce injuries and save lives.

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