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Statistics regarding youth sports injuries

While the chances of the average Pennsylvania youth suffering a sports injury are slim, if it does happen to your son or daughter, the recovery process can be arduous, costly and painful. What is worse is when a sports injury is not caused by an accident, but is caused by another person or a sports facility's negligence. When another party's negligence results in a sports injury, the injured child may be able to seek financial restitution in court.

What are the chances that your child will suffer a sports injury, you might ask? The United States Centers for Disease Control reports that approximately 2,000,000 high school athlete injuries happen each year. In terms of severity, this translates to 30,000 hospitalizations and 500,000 doctor visits every year. As for children who are 13 years old and younger, 3.5 million children in this category require medical treatment for sports related injuries every year.

But how do these injuries occur? As might be expected -- considering that most sporting teams spend more time in practice than in actual games -- approximately 62 percent of sports injuries happen while children are practicing their sports. In spite of this fact, 33 percent of parents fail to require their children to take the same level of safety precautions during practice as they would require their children to take in an actual game. Perhaps this is because parents tend to be present to watch their children during games and not necessarily during practice scenarios, so they are not available to monitor their child's activities.

Pennsylvania parents should take note of what their child is doing in terms of taking safety precautions while playing his or her sport of choice. Requiring children to take all safety precautions available, wear protective equipment and act in a sensible manner while playing their sports will serve to avoid many injurious accidents. However, during practice conditions, this supervisory role may become the legal responsibility of coaches, schools and other sports organizations.

Source: Stop Sports Injuries, "Youth Sports Injuries Statistics," accessed April. 10, 2015

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