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Income Loss to Our Local Businesses


The COVID-19 pandemic and state-mandated shut down is causing significant income loss to our local businesses.   Many businesses have business income or business interruption coverage under their commercial insurance policies—sometimes even when they do not know it.  This coverage is intended to reimburse the business for its loss of income when it closes or experiences a significant downturn in its business due to a catastrophic event such as a viral pandemic, or when ordered to close or curtail its activities by the governor.   Right now here in Pennsylvania, however, insurance companies are denying these claims, arguing that the policies exclude coverage arising from COVID-19.

We know that you may be depending on your business interruption insurance to reimburse for lost income and meet your expenses, including overhead and payroll, to keep your businesses running.  Coverage for losses due to the coronavirus will depend on the specific policy provisions and situations of each business.  Our Firm has successfully fought insurance companies over wrongful denials of insurance claims for decades.   We have concluded that, in some instances, the insurance companies are wrongfully denying the coverage.

If you, a friend or family member have been denied business income or business interruption coverage, or would like to learn whether your policy provides coverage for income losses resulting from the pandemic, please contact us at COHEN, FEELEY, ALTEMOSE & RAMBO, P.C.   Our attorneys will examine the policy language, along with the facts and circumstances of your business and losses, to determine whether you have a claim, free of charge.  If you have a valid claim, we are more than prepared to file suit to get you the coverage you deserve and that your business needs to survive and thrive again in the future.  If we pursue a claim on your behalf, we will represent you on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we do not get paid any fee unless you make a recovery.

We continue to hope and pray that you and your friends and family are healthy and safe during these very difficult and challenging times.

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