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How can warranties be used in a product liability suit?

When a consumer in Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the nation purchase a product, it is commonly assumed that he or she is purchasing a product of certain quality or reliability. However, not all products meet these standards. When this occurs, this often means that the product is damaged or defective and the consumer will seek a replacement. However, when a product is defective, this could also make the item dangerous. Such a situation could result in consumer injury and possibly a products liability suit.

Product recall of Ikea crib mattress expanded

Everyday consumers use items without stopping to think about the potential risks or dangers they could pose. While it is often the case that consumers are able to safely use tools, home goods, electronics, automobiles and other common products without any problems, there is a chance that a relatively safe product could be defective. This not only deems the product damaged or broken but could also make it a dangerous product.

Consumer's right to pursue a products liability claim

When a dangerous product is unknowingly placed on the market, consumers are put at a huge risk. Our law firm understands that the life Pennsylvania consumers are put in danger when a defective or dangerous product is purchased. If a consumer injury results from a defective product, the consumer has the right to pursue a cause of action for the person's injuries, damages and losses caused by the defective product.

How recalls of defective products are passed on to consumers

Everyday residents in Pennsylvania buy various types of products. Whether it is a home good, health product, entertainment device or automobile, consumers are under the impression that the product that they just purchased is not only properly made but also safe. Despite this belief, consumers could come into contact with a defective product. In some cases, the defective good could have a recall and the consumer could have some rights and options in the situation.

Pennsylvania grown apples recalled due to listeria contamination

Residents in Pennsylvania often purchase their groceries at local store chains or farmer's markets. This frequent task does not often include the thought that the food items that are being purchased could harm them. While it is likely that the food that is bought at the grocery store or other food distributor is perfectly fine, if an item is contaminated, it could be considered a dangerous product and cause great harm or even death to a consumer.

Determining the validity of disclaimers for products liability

Consumers in Pennsylvania see it all the time. They buy something and there is either small writing on the product itself or a piece of paper included with the product. In that small print, there are often disclaimers. While some of the print included in this writing will hold valid, other times consumers may challenge some of the disclaimers contained in the writing. It is often the case that an injured consumer will seek to challenge a products liability disclaimer.

Taking action after consumer injury caused by defective product

Whether it is a gift you receive from someone or a necessary product or device, consumers in Pennsylvania unfortunately could encounter a faulty product. Our law firm understands how a defective product not only costs the consumer time and money but could also result in serious injuries and even death. This is why our attorneys not only understand the affects of a dangerous product but also the legal remedies a consumer and their loved ones could seek in the event of a defective or faulty product.

Defective implant cause for Pennsylvania product liability suit

A Pennsylvania man is filing a product liability suit against a medical technology company that produced the artificial knee that he had implanted by surgeons. The suit also claims negligence along with product liability stemming from his injuries. A report would not identify the compensation amount he is seeking, just that it was enough to cover medical and legal costs and the sum he has lost and will continue to lose due to being unable to work because of the defective implant.

Defective product results in baby for Pennsylvania woman

A Pennsylvania woman is filing suit against a major pharmaceutical company, claiming it is manufacturing and selling a defective product. Bayer is the company that produces Mirena, a birth control IUD. The woman filed the defective product suit when she became pregnant after having the device inserted by her doctor.

Defective product lawsuit filed by injured Pennsylvania man

A Pennsylvania man has filed a suit against a truck company and two other companies from injuries he received from a defective product while on his job as a truck driver. His injuries were severe enough that he had to have a finger amputated. The man says he would not have sustained the injuries had it not been for the defective product.

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