Nursing Home Neglect

As our society ages, we have had to increasingly rely on nursing homes, long term care facilities, assisted living and personal care  homes to help care for our loved ones.  Our loved ones are often elderly, unable to move or walk independently, or even speak for themselves. They may also be confused mentally, and have medical and age-related conditions that require specialized care.  It is a difficult process to decide to place a loved one in a nursing home or other living facility, and we trust these homes will follow the law and give the care and supervision they promised.  

When the nursing home or facility does not give our loved ones proper care, it feels like a betrayal of the trust we placed in them.  Examples of cases we have successfully handled and gotten an award for our clients include:

•    Failing to answer call bells
•    Not following orders to use a bed alarms 
•    Improperly evaluating a resident’s fall risk
•    Administering the wrong medications, or in the wrong dosage
•    Using the assist of only one person for transfers when two was required
•    Failing to perform skin checks and follow wound care protocols
•    Neglecting to check a resident’s neurological status after a fall
•    Failing to monitor a resident’s  nutritional status
•    Giving a resident a regular diet rather than soft food 
•    Having insufficient number of staff on duty  to care for the residents

Nursing home and facility neglect often leads to serious injuries , including:  broken bones such as fractured femur or hips, often requiring surgery with hardware or prosthetic joint placement;   suffocation; respiratory complications from long bone fractures, usually leading to death;  brain bleeds;  bed sores and decubitus ulcers, often requiring debridement and removal of damaged tissue and muscle;  infection and sepsis;  choking;  amputation;  and death.

We are experienced in Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Cases

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