What happens if I'm injured as a result of a defect or safety issue in my vehicle?

When we're driving on a highway, surrounded by other people, we know that our health, safety, and well-being depends not only on the actions of the other drivers, but on the actual vehicles themselves. What happens if a defect or a safety hazard in one of those vehicles causes an accident that injures you?

No vehicle is ever going to be perfect.  But there's a difference between a vehicle being imperfect and a vehicle having a dangerous defect that renders it unfit for its intended purpose. For instance, brakes that fail without warning and despite maintenance can cause serious injury or death. Defective airbags can cause your injuries to be aggravated instead of mitigated. Defective tires, fuel tanks, or structure can not only fail to protect you from an accident, but can themselves cause catastrophic accidents.

The law protects victims who are injured by defective products. Whether it's a manufacturing defect, lack of adequate warnings or instructions, or a defect the product suffered after its manufacture, the law provides recourse for those who suffer as a result.   

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