Case News | April 4, 2019

Commercial Truck Accidents

The truth is, the chance of surviving an accident involving a 60,000+ lb. commercial truck is an uncommon event.

Besides the potential loss of a loved one, anyone else inside the vehicle or involved in the crash who may survive, is likely to need lifelong medical care for their injuries.

Even though so much regulation and monitoring is required by law, it is not always conducted and innocent commuters on the road suffer the consequences. Truck drivers are often pressured to drive with lack of sleep, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or operate with faulty equipment, in order to meet tight deadlines. Still, there are laws to protect the victims of these accidents when you have the right legal team on your side.

By using an experienced law firm, we have the same resources available to us as the large corporations, which means you do to. Some resources we use when preparing for trial are:

  • The use of an expert to perform crash reconstruction
  • Preservation of the Black Box data
  • Work in conjunction with local law enforcement officers and investigators
  • The use of forensic data to prove that a violation occurred

Our firm dedicates itself to representing those involved in a commercial truck accident because a family’s world is often changed forever. We are experienced in representing victims of these accidents and are here to help put a family’s life back together as best we can. The commercial trucking industry often times has a large legal team on their side. Shouldn’t you have the best in your corner too?

Contact a trusted Pennsylvania accident attorney or call (610) 490-8877 so we can start working on your case today.

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