Blog | April 4, 2019

Distracted Texting Driving Accidents

We are all aware of the epidemic of people driving while texting. However, texting while driving isn’t the only way that a driver can be distracted.

Drivers can be texting, talking on a cell phone ― whether hands free or not ― talking to other people in the car, dictating to a digital assistant such as Siri, using a tablet, apps, or a smartwatch, eating, drinking, using the built-in dashboard technology, or dealing with their children in the rear seat.

Distracted driving is dangerous driving. One to two ton automobiles moving at thirty, forty, fifty, or sixty to seventy miles per hour are dangerous weapons that, if negligently operated, can injure, maim, or even kill victims.

Pennsylvania has prohibited texting and driving by law, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. Some obvious signs of distracted driving include a driver who is looking down or to the side, a driver having one or both of his hands off of the wheel, or a driver who appears to be speaking, whether or not someone else is in the car with him.

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