Case News | January 8, 2021

Mark Altemose Recovers $1.25 Million for 19-Year-Old Involved in Motor Vehicle Accident Case

Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo partner Mark Altemose recently settled a motor vehicle accident case for $1.25 million.

The client is a 19-year-old electric lineman hired in November 2019 by a major utility company. While driving a local highway to his new job, a tri-axle dump truck pulled out from a driveway in front of his vehicle, resulting in a T-bone collision.

He was life-flighted to a trauma center where he was diagnosed with displaced fractures to both of his arms and legs, requiring surgeries with hardware placement on each limb, rendering him unable to work for nearly three months. Being highly motivated, he then returned to work as an electrician for his family business initially part-time then full-time, where he remains employed. He is seeking to be re-hired to his utility company job as an electric lineman.

However, he remains at risk of post-traumatic arthritis in several of his limbs that may result in limitations as he ages. This could cause him to stop work in his chosen career prior to normal retirement age.

“We are very pleased to obtain this result for this man,” Altemose said. “He truly deserves it. He is an impressive young man. He stared adversity in the eye and said ‘you are not going to beat me.’”

“He responded to his adversity with incredible courage and strength of mind and character,” Altemose continued. “I know that he will eventually be re-hired to his job with the utility company and go on to a very successful career for many years. If anyone can overcome such horrible injuries, it is him.”

“I was honored to represent him.”

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