Blog | June 8, 2020

Nursing Home and Long Term Care Neglect Cases in the Time of COVID-19

To our friends and families:

If you or a loved one is a resident of a nursing home or long-term care facility, this is a time of unprecedented concern.

And we are here to help.

Facilities throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and the state have seen a sharp increase in the number of residents who have tested positive for COVID-19. Due to their age and vulnerable medical status, these residents are at greater risk of suffering serious outcomes from the illness, including death.

As the COVID-19 cases have increased, many facilities appear understaffed and ill-equipped to handle the situation. There is concern not only about the care of those who are infected with COVID-19 in these facilities, but also the care of those residents who are NOT COVID-19 positive.

At a time when there should be transparency and greater family involvement, facilities are closed to visitors, families cannot get answers, and there appears to be little if any oversight. Residents are dying alone, and family members are left with the question: How did this happen?

The attorneys at Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo have been investigating and pursuing claims against nursing homes and long-term care facilities for more than 25 years. Our dedicated attorneys are currently reviewing and litigating these cases here in Pennsylvania.

Please contact Kelly Rambo-Williams at, Barbara L. Baldo at or either attorney at 610.625.2100. Consultation is free.

Take care and be well.

Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo

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