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Do’s and Don’ts Insurance Claims

The insurance company is there to protect their interests and do not have you or your family’s needs in mind. Insurance adjusters have extensive training on how to deal with insurance claimants and you should never deal with them without consulting with an attorney. They appear to be friendly and on your side so that you do not hire a lawyer, but that often makes it much easier for an insurance company to get rid of a claim.


Do see a medical professional: Seek medical advice and treatment immediately if you have suffered any type of injury.

Do report the incident: Call your insurance company soon after the accident. Most policies have time limits for filing claims so it is important to contact the insurance company as soon as you are able.

Do write down information: People forget the important details of accidents shortly after accidents occur. You will need an accurate account of the facts as your case proceeds. It is also helpful to talk with witnesses, get their contact information for later use and take pictures of the important details of the scene.

Do keep good records: Find a place to store all the documentation of every important aspect of the case. This includes all medical expenses and property damage costs. It is also wise to get a copy of the accident report from the police.

Do Not

Do not provide statements: Do not provide a statement of any kind to the insurance company representative until you have spoken with an attorney.

Do not admit any kind of liability or fault: Simply tell them the important facts of the crash. By admitting fault, you can jeopardize your case.

Do not waive your rights: Oftentimes people think their injuries are minor, or that the offer from the insurance company is enough to cover their needs, so they sign a waiver of right to sue. Doing this can keep you from getting the compensation for your injuries and property damage that you truly deserve.

Do not accept less than what your injuries are worth: Many people take the first offer from the insurance company, but this is often only a fraction of what the injuries are truly worth. Our attorneys will look at every detail in your case to determine an accurate value and will work with you to get what you deserve following a crash.

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