Blog | August 8, 2019

Sexual Abuse Victims Can Now Receive Confidential Legal Services


Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo, known for successfully representing victims of neglect, physical and psychological abuse, announced that they have organized a dedicated team to provide confidential legal services to victims that have been abused sexually. This advocacy initiative is in direct response to the overwhelming number of sexual abuse cases that have been identified recently within the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.

These lead attorneys, Martin D. Cohen, Mark K. Altemose, and Kelly Rambo-Williams are “determined to do all we can to hold their abusers accountable for demonstrating heartless monumental injustices inflicted onto others in the community.”

Martin D. Cohen, a trial lawyer for more than 50 years and the founding partner of Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo said, “The victims, whether be children or adult, have suffered enough and are entitled to obtain justice.” He added, “Our team of advocates, which includes a board-certified mental health professional, will work on a confidential basis with every individual to ensure they are fully aware of their legal options. We are from this area and strongly believe that we have a duty to help those in our community who have been deeply, deeply harmed.” Besides victims of sexual abuse, he said the legal team will also provide advice to those – regardless of age or when the abuse occurred – who have been injured physically and emotionally as a result of abuse, whether inflicted in the home, nursing and foster care homes, or in schools or workplaces.

Mark K. Altemose, Managing Partner, said the team is highly experienced in dealing with not only sexual abuse and assault cases, but with helping families identify early signs of abuse to prevent this from continuing long-term. He stated, “These cases can be very complex and that’s where our combined experience will be of great benefit to clients. They’ve already been abuse victims, we want to ensure the victims get what they deserve.”

Kelly Rambo-Williams, Managing Partner, recognizes the need for these abuse victims to feel safe and protected. She added, “All too often, victims are not only victimized by their attackers but also by those who might have participated in any cover up of the crimes. We are prepared to take all necessary actions against those responsible for the abuse.”

This dedicated team is offering complete confidentiality to those that come forward. They will assist clients in determining what direction they should take while offering ongoing support to each victim and their family. For those that can benefit from the expertise of this team, they are urged to contact the firm immediately. These individuals and families will be treated with the utmost respect, compassion and confidentiality.

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