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Head-On Rear End Collisions

Rear-End Collisions

The most common type of a car accident is the rear-end collision. It happens consistently: maybe one driver isn’t paying as much attention as he should be, bored, and in stop-and-go traffic, when suddenly the vehicles in front of him suddenly stop and he doesn’t react in time. Sometimes it’s a high speed rear-end collision on a freeway, such as coming off of or entering a highway ramp.

Improper Left Turns

Another very common type of accident is where the Defendant turns left in front of you, but does so when he’s too close to your vehicle and causes a collision. Automobiles going straight through a green light or an unrestricted intersection have the right of way. That means that drivers approaching from the opposite direction who wish to turn left must wait for opposing traffic to clear. If they don’t, there’s a very strong chance that they will be found at fault in the eyes of the insurance or in a court of law.

Head-On Collisions

Perhaps the most frightening experience is a head-on collision. Whether the roadway you’re driving on is marked with a double yellow line or not, drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles on the right side of the road. If they don’t, then it’s very likely that any ensuing accident will be deemed their fault.

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