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A personal injury is an injury to a person's body or emotional state, and it is the direct result of the actions performed by a separate person. To qualify as a personal injury, the person determined to be liable for the injury must be responsible for causing the accident or incident causing the injury by failing to exercise reasonable care. 

The offices of Cohen, Feeley, Altemose & Rambo in Bethlehem PA pursue different kinds of personal injury claims and file personal injury complaints in several different instances. For example, people can be hurt in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents, bicycle and motorcycle accident, or from a dog bite or dog attack, or due to a dangerous product.  They may also be hurt as a result of nursing home  abuse or neglect, or medical error and medical malpractice.  Many of our clients suffer head and brain injuries, fractures and sprains, skin and tissue wounds, injury to the spine and spinal cord, and death.

We are here for you if you have been injured in any of the types of accidents or incidents listed above. 

Every complaint does not end in a lawsuit. Our law firm will often make a claim on your behalf before filing a lawsuit. We deal with the insurance companies and insurance adjusters so that you do not have to.  In many cases, we as your personal injury lawyer in Bethlehem PA will negotiate a settlement for you and settle your claim outside of the court.  When this happens, you may receive your settlement in one lump sum payment, or you could be given a structured settlement that makes periodic payments for a specified period of time. 

When we as your personal injury lawyer in Bethlehem PA file a tort lawsuit against the person responsible for your accident, we seek to demonstrate to the court that you are entitled to monetary damages. During the lawsuit we will file a Complaint containing information about the parties, the incident and the plaintiff’s damages, including: 

  • The plaintiff’s name.

  • The defendant's name.

  • The wrongdoing that occurred and when it occurred.

  • A declaration that the defendant's wrongdoing is the cause of the plaintiff's injuries.

  • A description of the types of injuries the plaintiff suffered.

  • A description of the types of losses the plaintiff is claiming.

  • A demand for relief including the types of damages the plaintiff expects to receive as compensation.

If you were injured in a car accident, for example, your personal injury lawyer in Bethlehem PA will present evidence to the court that the defendant caused the car accident through negligence, gross negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct. 

If you are injured by a dangerous product or defective product, your case can also be tried on the basis of strict liability or products liability.  Strict or products liability may apply to the manufacturer or seller of various products which have caused injury, such as trucks, mowers, equipment or machinery, to name a few examples.

Often the theory of strict liability or products liability applies when a plaintiff is injured by a dangerous or defective product.  This means that the defendant can be determined to be financially responsible for the accident even if the company is not determined to be negligent.

In this case, your personal injury lawyer may name the product manufacturer, seller, designer and distributor, since they all may be held liable for the accident along with the driver of the defective truck, for example. 

The Concept of Negligence


Your personal injury lawyer in Bethlehem PA may decide to try your case on the basis of negligence. In that case, a personal injury lawyer would need to prove the following four elements:

  • The defendant had an obligation to act in a reasonable manner at the time of the incident. 

  • The defendant failed to act in a reasonable manner at the time of the incident. 

  • The fact that the defendant failed to exercise reasonable care (i.e. failed to act in a reasonable manner) caused the accident in which you were hurt. 

  • Your injuries from this accident led to your damages and losses, including financial losses as well as other non-financial losses such as pain and suffering. 

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